North American Blues Societies are the driving force for educating and keeping this great music alive. Find one near you and give them your support.

Below are links to different Blues Societies where you'll find their calendars of events.

Many people consider Chicago to be the center of Blues music in North America. Chicago Blues profiles the Blues music scene in the Chicago land area.

Welcome to North American Blues. You probably share a love, as so many other people do, to the American Heritage art form known as Blues music. North American Blues is dedicated to Blues and the many other music genre that have roots in the Blues. We wish to preserve, promote and educate people to the Blues tradition.

North American Blues supports all live music genre. As Willie Dixon taught us:

"The blues are the roots and the other music's are the fruits. It's better keeping the roots alive, because it means better fruits from now on. The blues are the roots of all American music. As long as American music survives, so will blues."

Go out and learn about your local musicians. Often they are as good or even better than many national acts you may be familiar with. Support live music!

Here at North American Blues you'll find articles, and reviews about Blues musicians and the different music venues and fests they play at. But don’t be surprised if other music styles are covered. The team here at North American Blues has a fondness for live music of all kinds and want to support the establishments, musicians and organizations that also enjoy live music.


Articles & Reviews

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* Marquette Michigan Blues Festival

* Aurora’s Blues on the Fox